The End Where It All Began

It’s easier to live when nobody is watching.

And it’s been a while since I came back to where I really belong, although I deny myself of my existence. My reality. I need my inner peace, more than I thought I would. Opening the doors only brought in more violence to the mind, and for being a lover of peace, an apostle of harmony, I built up such a war inside.

I need this room to sit down, heal the battle wounds. The scars will remain but it will remind me everytime I look in the mirror, just where my journey took me and who I had become for 729 days. I don’t know if I would ever go back. I don’t know because sometimes it still haunts me and pulls me back a little closer to the past.

The beauty of this room cannot be expressed. People see the beauty, yet fail to understand its grandiosity. How important this room is. What unlimited potential it holds. Oh if only you could see. But the things I want to show you are not visible to the naked eye, my dear. And right now all you can see is all that is visible to the naked eye. Nothing less. Nothing more. But I say we keep it that way. I’ve got more to lose than you. And I’m not ready to lose any more.

I guess this is the end. Where it all begins.


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