The Crimson Reveries

I close the door behind me and stare at the empty wall in my invisible room. Nobody can see me. When nobody is watching, life becomes a lot easier to live. My scars are hidden, and my dreams are ignited into flames. I paint this wall crimson with the ashes of my reveries. I paint the image that I hide from reality.

I want to erase my past. My journey here across oceans, beyond frontiers, through life and everything in between; my once upon a time. I want this dead end to be my new beginning. Onto this wall I will etch my past as I erase it from my body and soul; recreating yet another image. Bathe myself in amnesia and erase me. For I have no will to go on with who I am. To the world, my act is solid, but within the seams, within only what I see, I feel myself slipping. I can see the fury raging inside me.

I am a knife in the dark. I am a murderer of my own mind.

In my invisible room, from reality I hide.


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